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Migrants travel to Canary Islands balanced on ship's RUDDER: Stunned coastguard rescue three men as ship completes 11-day voyage from Nigeria

Ten aircraft in the Nigerian Presidential Air Fleet (PAF) are at risk of being impounded by foreign creditors following a ...
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Three Migrants Enter Spain’s Canary Islands from Nigeria Balanced on Ship’s Rudder

Nigeria Air (NWB, Lagos) remains on ice for now, with a court case challenging its establishment as a joint venture between ...
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Nigerian presidential fleet at risk of being impounded

The Federal Government, on Monday, explained that the cost of fertiliser had continued to go up due to a global increase in ...
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Stowaways survive 11-day voyage from Nigeria to Canary Islands perched on oil tanker’s rudder

Media practitioners and journalism lecturers have canvassed the integration of the concept of solutions journalism into the ...
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